Horses in a field near where we were doing an irrigation install


We are committed to giving you the ultimate design for your irrigation system. We feel that it is important to have our designs work in the real world and have participated and led installs on drip systems. This helps us specify products that are usable, durable, and practical in the field. When we do a design for a dealer, we will specify the brand that they carry in our drawings. Since we are independent, we do not “recommend” any particular brand. However, sometimes we will offer suggestions for specific situations when we know that a particular product will work better then another.

Map including Maxwell Irrigation main office

Our Main Location:

Maxwell Irrigation is centrally located in Leavenworth, Kansas and we use online mapping and geographical tools to obtain extremely accurate data which we then use to model the field. Sometimes we are provided with mapping data from an RTK setup from a previous field pass and will rely on the that for design. When field visits are needed we travel to the site and work through necessary details.