A pepper field which Maxwell Irrigation designed the drip system for.

We do Independent, Premium Irrigation Design

We are passionate about engineering top quality systems balanced with the practicality and need of not over-spec’ing systems. We believe and have observed that even though the design is one of smallest single costs of the overall system, it can be one of the most integral to the ultimate success of the operation. We design mostly drip irrigation systems but also other things such as sprinklers, pivots, etc.

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John Maxwell's truck parked at a jobsite
A design usually costs less then 4% of the price of the system, but 100% of its success is based off of it.
We design for uniformity, efficiency, lowest cost of materials/labor, and ease of installation. Our independent designs are easy to read and understand thereby reducing your in-field labor costs.
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A snapshot of one of Maxwell Irrigation's designs

Easy to understand.

We go beyond a well-engineered system and make it look nice for the grower and installers. We want everything on the design to be understandable and make installing the system as simple as possible. So we focus on the presentation as well and make the drawings beautiful in their own way. We have found that even growers who are not familiar with drip irrigation often understand what the components of the drawing mean.